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Shipping is Available throughout Ontario and Quebec, Canada. We do not ship internationally. 
We ship through Reptile Express and use their Quotes Generator.

All of our shipments are scheduled to arrive either on the same day or by the end of the next day.
Fill out the form below to submit a request for a shipping quote and continue scrolling for Shipping Agreements and more info.

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Shipping Agreements

You need to be available for your shipment the whole day that it's scheduled to arrive. Axolotls cannot be left waiting in your mailbox while you're at work.

We'll send you detailed instructions the night before your shipment explaining how to properly acclimate your new arrival to their new tank so that they settle in as easily and quickly as possible (As-well as how to use the Indian Almond Leaves we include in each shipment to help them calm down after their trip).

If your axolotl shows up DOA (Dead On Arrival) you MUST contact us within half an hour (30min) of receiving the carriers "arrival" notification.

Include a photo of the dead axolotl in its unopened bag as proof (If the bag has been opened or the axolotl has been removed we cannot prove that it died during shipping and will be unable to refund you)

If the shipment was on-time and the box is in good condition but you've proven the DOA we will refund you the price of the axolotl. Unfortunately we cannot refund the shipping fee.

Thankfully 100% of the axolotls we've shipped out have arrived healthy and safely, but unpredictable things can always happen.

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