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If you're interested in adopting one of our available or upcoming rescues please contact us (Using the form farther down this page) stating which one(s) you're interested in. 

Please include as much information as you can like what size of tank you'll be keeping it in, characteristics of other axolotls who might be sharing the tank and your level of experience with axolotl-keeping.

Be prepared to send photos of the tank you plan to keep it in and to answer questions about basic care requirements.

Pick-up/meetup is available upon request for anyone located near Mount Forest ON.

Shipping is also available across Canada (Exept BC and PEI where permits are required to legally own axolotls)

If you're hunting for a specific morph, gender or age that we don't currently have available feel free to still contact us about it! We're in contact with many local axolotl rescues who we could connect you with for the best chance at finding the axolotl you've been searching for.

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We understand that sometimes the necessary care for axolotls can become too much and because of that we run completely judgement free, no questions asked.

Whether your axolotl(s) are missing limbs, sick, or in perfect condition but cannot be kept for whatever reason, we will take them in.

If you're considering rehoming your axolotl(s) please consider us! We can ensure they're in their best condition to be adopted to well educated and loving homes for the best interest of your pet.

We're able to accept surrenders from most parts of Ontario and in many cases can even pick them up ourselves.

Contact us (Using the form farther down this page) letting us know where you're located, and as much info about your axolotl(s) as you're willing to share like what morph they are, age, name, or if there's any illnesses, injuries or issues that you're aware of.

We're also willing to help educate through advice. Feel free to ask as many questions as you can come up with, we'll go through them with you as in depth but also as simply as possible. 

There are no stupid questions!

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