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Welcome to The Blue-Thumb Axolotl Rescue!

A small-scale, hobbyist rescue working to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome sick or unwanted axolotls in Ontario and Quebec, Canada. 


My name's Beck and I started The Blue-Thumb as a simple Instagram account about 7 years ago, which I used to share my aquatic journey with the world. I’ve kept freshwater fish since I was 10 years old, and through the years I discovered and became obsessed with axolotls. I’m now 26 years old and have learned so much about the species in my time keeping them that I wanted to find a way to put my knowledge to good use.

In August of 2020 “The Blue-Thumb Aquatic Family” became “The Blue-Thumb Axolotl Rescue” and has been running strong ever since!

You could say I have a Blue-Thumb for aquatics similar to how gardeners have a Green-Thumb.

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The Goal


Helping Those in Need

What We Do

Each surrendered axolotl goes through a 1 month minimum quarantine period where they’re dewormed, treated for minor issues and monitored for more serious issues. 
If we’re confident after a month that they’re healthy we then post them for adoption and begin screening potential adopters to find the best home possible. 
Some individuals take more rehabilitation than others so in those cases we continue to treat the issue(s) for as many months as necessary until we’re confident enough to call them recovered. 


As axolotls get more common in the pet-keeping hobby due to the internet bringing attention to the species, more and more are being subjected to impulse buyers. 
Many pet-stores and breeders care more about their income than ensuring that their babies find educated homes so they sell to people without making sure that the adopter is aware of what they're getting into. This leaves a lot of people in over their heads, which results in many sick, dying and dead axolotls, as-well as a lot of stress on the owner that could've been avoided if the breeder or store they adopted from were more responsible. 
Sometimes the necessary care can also just become too much, the novelty of the animal wears off, or life puts you on a journey that an axolotl is incompatible with. 
Our goal is to help rehabilitate and find well educated and loving homes for as many axolotls as we can. No matter the situation they’re coming from, we run completely judgement free.


"I adopted my axolotl from The Blue-Thumb a month ago. She's a happy and healthy Wild-Type. She was shipped to me in Northern Ontario with no issues, the packaging was great and I received lots of tips and information."

-Melissa Amalthea

-Dacota Marie Mason Woolf

"I discovered this rescue and fell in love with Carol who is now known as Smaug the Magnificent! I was sent weekly updates on her recovery and when it was time for her to be adopted she was shipped to Quebec safely in just one day! If you want to save a little dragons life, I highly recommend The Blue-Thumb Axolotl Rescue!"

-Karine Labbe

"I recently adopted 2 axolotls named Simba & Nala. I loved the great service and would 100% recommend this Rescue! The lovely lady who runs it is so helpful and has fair prices."

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